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We expanded our capabilities in 2020 and made a significant leap by becoming a full-service property developer. Our family’s vision for the ultimate mountain home has come to life with Highland Adventures, a premium Ski-In Ski-Out development that offers access to hundreds of acres of biking and hiking trails in protected nature reserves. This multi-acre project features multiple homes that are being built simultaneously.

Each of our cedar wood Chalets is set on at least half an acre of land and is designed to provide the ultimate vacation experience for your family while maximizing rental income. With unique designs that feature impressive “outdoor living” spaces, you can extend your entertainment area into the secluded woods. Each home is situated in its own wooden lot that offers privacy, expansive views, and a true mountain woodland experience. Our homes are available for immediate occupancy.

Chimney Rock 

This was the first project that began Highland Ventures!  This house also brought cedar logs and wood back to Deep Creek MD, so this is the original cedar log home of our time.   We used our signature prow front to extend the same and vibe of the great room.  The house was designed a little smaller than many, creating a cozy feeling throughout the house.  Yet it clocks in at 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, with a full game room on the ground floor.  Master Bedroom is on the main floor for single floor living.

Rocky Gap Ridge

In this project we perfected our directly supply chain to the renewable, cedar forests of Maine.  We also perfected the use of hardwoods in the floors and beams, also sourced directly from local mills.  The use of lighting and natural light highlight the lines and angles of this house.  5 bedrooms, 4 baths on 2.5 floors, with this great room on the main floor and a full ground floor with bedrooms, baths, and large game room area.

Ridge View – Ongoing

We are finishing this signature home in 2021.  Based on our Mountain Chalet model that is fully optimized for rental income as well as to provide every luxury feature a family would want for their vacation home.  Noise in controlled by placing the bedrooms in the wings.  6 bedroom/bathroom suites, massive great room in the center of the home, full ground floor with bar, game room and space.  Outdoor living in the back.  With this house we use a frame house construction with a contemporary and modern look outside and in.

Fern Loop

The owners benefited from all of our developments mentioned above, put into a smaller log home to fit their specific vision and need as a retirement home.  Single floor living, guest bedrooms, plenty of space and baths.  Built in 7 months, Fern Loop demonstrates our philosophy to “Focus and Build” each family’s homes.  We have our families in their home in 7 months now, generating rental income to pay the bills.

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