About Us



Where It All Began

We started as just a family in 2014 who bought a lot, and then went through a really tough process trying to build our dream home.

We wasted a lot of time and energy and still did not have a clear solution. We were frustrated! As an entrepreneurial family, we looked at each other and said, there has to be a better way for people to turn their vision of a family dream home into a reality.

We worked hard and formed a small alliance of top quality, family-run companies; and along with a national, direct-to-source supply chain, we integrated them into one incredibly skilled, easy-going, and yet highly professional home building operation.

We launched Highland Ventures! Our purpose that motivates and energizes us is to make every family feel comfortable and in control as they acquire their own luxury mountain chalet. This embodies the core vision and mission of our company:

“We Make Your Family Dreams Happen.”
The Malloy Family

Our Services

"Focus And Build" Philosophy Full Project Planning + Management

Our team will lead our clients through every aspect of preparing the project.  We manage everything so they don’t have to: Lot review and planning, home design & construction prints, all permitting and paperwork, and the initial logistics to get the build going.

Our company philosophy and commitment is to “Focus and Build” each family’s home continuously until completed in 9 months or less.

"Local and Direct" Sourcing Model For Home Construction

Our signature home is a luxury, mountain chalet with cedar logs, hemlock beams, and other wood elements. We perfected our “local and direct”  sourcing of hardwoods and natural materials into all of our homes. We work closely with family-owned businesses locally, and source cedar, hemlock, and other wood directly from specialty mills in the sustainable forests of Maine.   All elements of our homes are direct or locally sourced – and we always source directly from the supplier. We do not use home kits from any 3rd party.  

Property Development Vision For Luxury, Wooded Privacy

Our company now has the resources and knowledge to develop raw land into buildable lots with all of the utilities, infrastructure, and permitting needed to design and build luxury communities with thought, space, and beauty.

Our development, Highland Adventures, realizes our family vision for the ultimate mountain Chalet. Every home is situated in its own wooden lot designed for privacy, expansive views, and a mountain woodland experience.


Years in Business

Simultaneous projects