Michael Malloy

Managing Partner

Michael and Marie bought their lot in 2014, and their experience fuels the conviction of Highland Ventures.  That everyone should have an awesome experience building their family’s dream home.  Mike is a serial entrepreneur, for over 25 years starting and building several companies. Our excellence in construction project management comes from Mike’s years running a telecommunications company that installed major telecom infrastructure for businesses.  Mike has a passion for residential homes after being hands-on involved in building a home along the coast of Maine years ago.  He has been personally involved in home renovations and restoration for over 20 years as well.  This has allowed Michael to personally get his hands dirty renovating and building every aspect of a home, as well as being involved in the creative side of layout design and implementation.  A commitment to excellence in the client’s experience has been a core value of all of Mike’s companies.  Mike focuses on business strategy and growth, client and business partner communications, and overall project management of the company.

Marc Malloy

Director, Field Operations

Marc grew up around the constant renovation projects underway in homes around Pittsburgh.  Marc started working at 14 years old and spent several summers working on construction crews around the city.  He became a foreman to a painting company run by several college students until he and his brother Max started their own successful company in 2014 while they were in college.  Marc has spent several years in developing countries working on a variety of difficult field projects in environmental studies.  It was in Bolivia, Panama, and elsewhere that Marc learned his project management skills. Marc also came to appreciate the environmental benefit of green building, social responsibility for the business, and project management.  Marc manages all field level operations, contractor relationships, and specific communication with our clients.  Marc is deeply committed to a successful company that does not just settle on profits, but rather makes a positive impact on the environment and the community in which we live and work.